Together with some friends from a community where I am a member of, Indo Star Trek, I joined them to actively involve in a Reforestation Initiatives. This can be the start of the future Foundation we are building which will be focusing on Global Warming and Climate Change.



Global Warming & Climate Change in a Glance


Most of you already know that our one and only planet is suffering a degrading atmospheric and climate conditions. The main cause is CO2. CO2 is now humanity's most common enemy. And we human are the largest contributor of CO2 in the atmosphere, creating chain reactions in many aspects. The overwhelming amount of CO2 increases the planet’s Green House effect in the atmosphere - absorbing sun heat, with less ability to reflect it back out to space, resulting what we are observing right now as the increasing temperature.


Earth is getting warmer and warmer each year. This is called Global Warming. And this is devastating for our oceans. Polar ice caps are melting, threatening the movement of our oceanic conveyor belts. Eventually the oceanic conveyor belts will stop. All marine lives will perish. The changing of the oceans will change weather, climate and everything else.


To combat this condition, we need to change our way of life. We have to switch form Fossil Fuel to Renewable Energy sources, such as solar power, wind power, etc. If this sounds very difficult, we can do other significant things. One is to help our planet to increase its ability breaking down CO2 into C and O2. 


Unfortunately we don’t yet have the technology for that. We must look at nature. There are two organisms on this planet that have the ability to breakdown CO2 into C and O2. They are Phytoplankton (in the ocean) and Tree.


Reforestation Using Seed Balls


Let us now focus on tree. Tree has the ability to change CO2 into Carbon (C) which then be stored in solid form down in the soil, and Oxygen (O2) which goes to the atmosphere as gas (safe for the planet). It is part of the process called Photosynthesis.


Our country, and many countries in the world have realised their mistakes of cutting down trees illegally, causing less and less trees to perform their major task; photosynthesis. The result, CO2 keeps on increasing. We need to keep up in reducing it by having more trees! This is our mission.


We have agreed that this is what we can do today. It is relatively easy. We have put the plan in motion; making seed balls as many as possible (at least 1 million and more) and will be dropped from the air using drones on to open land. The seeds will then grow, and we shall have our forest back!


What do you leave behind for your children? A devastating world because you as parents do nothing about it?

What kind of future you create for them? This is for our children's future. We owe it to them!

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