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Welcome to my official website.
My name is Erianto Rachman.

From here you can navigate to my public profiles and to some of my recent works; such as my Books, my Blog articles, and Activities i.e. Seminars, Classes, Live Events, Tours, and other group talks.
If you need to reach me, You can contact me using the form below.
Have a Happy day and be Liberated!

Due to my current work and tight schedules, I currently don't have as many activities as I normally do. But don't worry, I will resume having those excitements when I am free.

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To know me, you can read my short bio, here.


I started writing in 2007 with my blog. It now has more than 120 articles and they have inspired many people. You can read them here.


My book: FINDING GOD the new edition.


My FINDING GOD Seminar takes place every month in many cities in Indonesia and Malaysia. You can enrol or reseat.


If you prefer a time of your own choosing, my FINDING GOD seminar can also be booked / ordered as Private Class.


I've taken out one subject from my FINDING GOD seminar focusing on HEALING, I call it HEALING by KNOWING.

You can register here.

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Offline, Casual, Fun, and Inspired.

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