Erianto Rachman is an Entrepreneur, Author, Writer, Public Speaker, Meditator, and a Reiki Master. He was trained as a Civil Engineer with more than 17 years of experience in Project Management. He was a Program Director for a multinational company, managing multiple projects across many countries around the world. He is now an Entrepreneur, running his own company, Liberica Homes, a Real Estate developer focuses on design, build, and sell premium houses.


He was involved in the development and starting up a new venture, IZI Stay, an internet web and mobile application based services to provide easy access for people to short and long stay rental of houses and apartments. Erianto is now involved in other business venture outside the realm of real estate, contributing at his best in socializing and marketing the efficacy of one of the greatest nature has ever given to us, the miracle tree, the super food; Moringa Oleifera, under the brand name of Moringa Gaia Indonesia.


In his spare times, he is a writer, started in 2007 writing articles on Physics, Philosophy, Spirituality, and Mysticism in his blog, and Facebook group - Human Earth, which has many readers, followers, and members, and bring positive influences to their lives. This has brought him to be invited in seminars, talks, and teaching classes in many cities in Indonesia and Malaysia. He has just now launched his book, titled; Finding God.


With a unique perspective, combining spirituality and his success in business, he became a public speaker, sharing his wisdom and motivation, teaching meditation, and healing technique in his classes, and bringing even more positive impacts to broader audience.


Erianto has so much interest in ancient human history, for that he has travelled to some places in the world, enriching knowledge and seeking ancient wisdoms.

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