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Erianto Rachman is an Entrepreneur, Consultant, Writer, Public Speaker, Meditator, and a Reiki Master. He was trained as a Civil Engineer with more than 17 years of experience in Project Management. He was a Program Director for a multinational company, managing multiple projects across many countries around the world.

He ventured into his own Real Estate company for 6 years, from 2016 to 2021, and managed to sell high-end houses, valued at 10 to 23 billion Rupiahs.

In between those, he was a consultant in a startup company and helped launch their services to the market. In parallel, he is involved in a Music Label and recording Company, Legenda Musik Indonesia as a Digital Director.

Still with his sleeves always pulled off, he managed to launch his new venture called Life-Up, an open curated platform for education. But even with that being hot on the table, he is currently busy on a Tower Company.

In his spare time, he is a writer, started in 2007 writing articles on Physics, Philosophy, Spirituality, and Mysticism on his blog,, which has attracted many readers and followers, and positively influenced their lives. This has brought him to be invited to seminars, talks, and teaching classes in many cities in Indonesia and Malaysia. He has published his book, titled; Finding God.


He became a public speaker, sharing his wisdom and motivation, teaching meditation, and healing technique in his classes, bringing even more positive impacts to a broader audience.


Erianto has so much interest in ancient human history, thus making him travel to some places in the world, enriching his knowledge and seeking ancient wisdom. He organizes a Mystical Tour to Egypt for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge, retracing the steps of the ancient wisdom keepers.

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