Privacy Policy


1. Membership

  1. Membership on this site applies when a visitor signs up to this website and inputs his/her credentials i.e. full name, email address, telephone number, profile photo(s), and in few occasions including home address(es), billing address(es), and other information that is required in some processes when a visitor using this website, i.e. makes a purchase, enrols to an online event, registers to a seminar, a class, and other services available on this website.

  2. Membership of this site is also functioned to support the e-commerce related activities on this website; to manage and or keep track of orders and shipments.

  3. By being a member of this website, a user has automatically agreed to receive any information sent to his/her email from this website. The email sent contains but not limited to Information update, newsletter, promotion, invitation, etc.

  4. Members pages are not listed in any Search Engine.

  5. Only members can access their pages.

  6. Members are responsible for their own personal information.

  7. Member data is confidential and will not be shared to anyone by any means.

2. Contact & Visitor Data

  1. This website collects and stores all user data when a user submit an inquire in any form form the first time. The data is full name, email address, and phone number.

  2. By storing user data, the user is treated as a member of this website even without he/she enters his/her information in his/her designated member page, thus has not a login credential. The data is stored as a contact data. He/she has the same privilege or benefit as a member to this website.

  3. Member data is confidential and will not be shared to anyone by any means.


Terms of Use


1. General

  1. You are responsible for any information you submit and or upload to this site.

  2. Use your membership only for managing and purchasing goods such books, seminar tickets, donation, and other services offered by this site.

  3. Please submit your query regarding this website using the form in the home page.


Store Policy


1. Products

  1. The products sold on this website are originals.

2. Pricing

  1. The standard currency on this site is Indonesia Rupiah (IDR) and US Dollar (USD)

  2. USD applies only to payment via PayPal.

3. Online Payment

  1. Secure online payment is provide by Xendit and PayPal.

  2. Xendit is a local Indonesian Payment Gateway that provides various payment options. Below are the payment options with their current status on this site:

    1. Virtual Account (Status- Available Now: Bank Mandiri, Bank BRI, Bank Permata, Bank BNI, Bank Sampoerna. Status-Coming Soon: Bank BCA)

    2. e-Wallet (Status-Available now: OVO)

    3. Master/Visa Credit Card and Debit Card (Status-Coming Soon)

  3. PayPal is and international Payment Gateway and e-Wallet. You can make a payment to this site directly from your PayPal account, or from your Master/Visa/American Express/JCB/Discover/Cirrus/Alto Credit Card or Debit Card.

  4. Using PayPal, and Invoice will be sent to your email before you make a payment.

4. Manual Payment

  1. Manual Payment is a payment made via Bank Transfer.

  2. Recipient's Bank is Bank BCA. For other Banks please use Online Payment.

  3. You can choose manual payment during check out. Instruction will be given to you during check out.

  4. Using bank transfer you can only pay in IDR currency.

  5. Bank transfer is only available between banks in Indonesia.

  6. Notification will be sent to your email.

5. Shipment

  1. Shipment is provide by JNE Regular and JNE International.

  2. Shipment rates on this site are classified by regions. You may find the rates may slightly differ from JNE.

  3. Domestic shipment normally takes 3 - 10 business days depending on region of destination.

  4. International shipment may take longer (10 - 20 days).

  5. Please ensure destination address and region is correct before checking out. Wrong address will prevent shipment.

  6. Once the package is handed over to JNE, it will be JNE's responsibility to ensure the safety and arrival of the package to you.

  7. Notification regarding shipment and tracking number will be sent to your email.

6. Cancelation & Refund

  1. At the moment, we do not have an online or system-automated mean in handling Purchase Cancelation, Return, and Refund.

  2. Transaction that has been made cannot be cancelled.

  3. We will handle your complain manually via email/phone/whatsApp communication. 

  4. If you have not received the good(s) after 2 weeks since shipment was made, please report this problem to the email address mentioned in the notification email sent to you. We will help you to track it down.

  5. If the good(s) damaged upon arrival, please report this problem to the email address mentioned in the notification email sent to you. We will ensure you will get the replacement appropriately.

  6. If you still have doubt about this, please contact us using the form at the home page.


Seminar Event Policy


1. Seminar Attendance Policy


What you need to agree upon before enrolling and attending to Finding God Seminar:

  1. It is mandatory to take antigen test maximum 2 days prior first day of the seminar, and present the negative test result to the Event Manager on location.

  2. If the test result is positive, then you must not attend to the seminar. Refund will be made proportionally according to Cancelation and Refund Policy.

  3. It is mandatory to wear face mask and or face shield the whole time during seminar and around the premise, and keep required physical distant to other attendees, and follow the official standard procedure.

  4. Please ensure the safety of your own belongings.

  5. Please hold up high the values of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, decencies, and respect each other.



2. Cancelation & Refund Policy


What you need to agree upon regarding Cancelation and Refund in Finding God Seminar.

  1. Cancelation can only be made maximum 5 days prior seminar. This is because of no payment is made to the venue by our Event Manager. Therefore, refund can be made in full.

  2. Cancelation made <5 days prior seminar can be made, but will not be refunded in full. This is because payment will have been made to the venue, which cannot be cancelled nor refunded. Therefore you will receive a refund of the full amount minus the amount already paid to venue.

  3. Cancelation made under 24 hours prior seminar will not be refunded.

  4. Cancelation and Refund procedures will be discussed directly only between you (attendee) and the event manager. This includes the refund procedure due to positive antigen test result.


3. Ticket Reselling


What you need to agree upon regarding Ticket Reselling:

  1. it is not allowed to resell your ticket to anyone without notice to our event manager. We must select our attendees carefully. We do not accept random attendees without background check.


Digital Product



1. Definition

  1. Digital Product is any product in digital formats. This includes document (PDF, EPUB, etc), Image/photo/picture (JPG, JPEG, etc), audio (MP3, m4a, AAC, etc), and video (MOV, MP4, AVI, MKV, etc).

  2. All digital product sold on this website is entirely Copyright by Erianto Rachman, all rights reserved and protected by the law of Republic of indonesia

  3. Do not copy, duplicate, distribute, share, any digital product purchased from this site in any means to any one without written consent from Erianto Rachman.



2. Purchasing Digital Product

  1. Purchasing digital product on this website in done online with the payment method provided on this website.

  2. Purchasing digital product does not transfer ownership and or copyright from Erianto Rachman to the buyer.

  3. Buyer is automatically agrees to all Digital Product Policies on this website.



3. Cancelation & Refund Policy

  1. A successful purchase of a digital product cannot be cancelled.

  2. With no cancellation can be done, then there is no Refund can be made.

  3. If you have any complain or query about this, please contact us using the form at the home page.


Live Event Policy


1. Definition

  1. Live Event is an event initiated, organized and managed by Erianto Rachman, occurs online over the internet, broadcasted via Zoom or Google Meet or Facebook Live or Youtube Live.

  2. Some Live Events on this website are Public and Free, some are Closed and Paid.



2. Attending Live Event

  1. You can attend to a public Live Event by following the instruction in each event.

  2. You can attend to a closed Live Event by invitation and or by being a member of this site.

  3. Each Live Event has its own policy. By attending one, you automatically agree with the policy laid down.



3. Cancelation & Refund Policy

  1. A successful purchase ticket for Live Event cannot be cancelled nor refunded.


Tour Policy


1. Definition

  1. Erianto Rachman organizes a tour, a physical event that involves travelling to other places, cities or countries. The tour is called Mystical Tour

  2. Each tour is designed and themed specifically by Erianto Rachman.

  3. The tour involves travelling to Egypt (for now).

  4. The tour is a group tour consist of minimum 15 people, and maximum around 20 people (can be more or less).

  5. The tour duration maximum is 14 days exclude round trip of flight time.

  6. The tour occurs once or more every year. 


2. Joining a Tour (General)

  1. You can join a tour by following the procedure laid down on the tour page.

  2. You are required to agree to and follow the tour procedure and policy.

  3. You must have a valid passport (1 year before expiration date).

  4. You must apply for Visa. An invitation letter will be provided by our Egyptian partner for each person. This invitation letter will be used for visa application.

  5. Print latest 3 months bank statement. This document is needed of visa application.

  6. A booklet will be provided for each person who joins a tour. The booklet contains information about preparation, must dos and don'ts, tips & tricks, and many other important information for the trip. 


3. Price & Payment

  1. Each tour has different price determined by Erianto Rachman.

  2. Price may change each year for each tour. You can follow it on the tour page.

  3. The price is locked / fixed and does not change 4 months prior departure.

  4. Payment must be made 3 months (the latest) prior departure.

  5. Payment is made via any payment method available on this website.



4. Cancelation & Refund Policy

  1. Cancelation can be made up to 30 days prior departure date. Refund will be made appropriately.


Online Class Policy


1. Definition

  1. Online Class is a lecture, training, seminar, or workshop given by Erianto Rachman to a virtual class room audience over the internet, using media such as Zoom, Google Meet, or others.

  2. Online Class duration may vary from 1 day of 4 hours, 2 days of 4 hours each, or other arrangements.

  3. Online Class is not a free event.

2. Joining an Online Class

  1. Joining a class is by registering yourself on the Online Class page, make payment, and receive a ticket.

  2. Or you can contact the Event Manager to do registration and payment manually. 

  3. The link (URL) to the class (Google Meet / Zoom / others) will be given to enrolled students via email only, a day before class. Only a paid student can use the link and enter the class.


3. Price & Payment

  1. Price of Online Class varies per type of class.

  2. Price may change over time. But once paid, it will not change.

  3. Payment must be made at least a day before class.

  4. Payment is made via any payment method available on this website.



4. Cancelation & Refund Policy

  1. Cancelation can be the latest 24 hours prior class, by contacting or the Event Manager.