Mystical Tour: EGYPT

COMING in Autumn 2022 (October)

A great gateway to Enjoy, to Learn, and to Heal.

After more than 2 years of not being able to go anywhere, I would like to celebrate our new freedom of travel by launching a new event; A Mystical Tour! My first tour is to Egypt, a mystical destination, a place for gods and goddesses!

There, we will start from Lower Egypt, in Cairo, where we will be initiated by our Egyptian (Khemitian) Guru aligning our energies and open our hearts to Egypt. Then we will explore many interesting sites, visiting the Giza Pyramids, and the Museum.

We shall visit Saqqara and be amazed by the enigmatic Sarapeum. Then to Dashur, entering the Red Pyramid and the Bent Pyramid. And we shall spend our spiritual moment at Sun Temple in Abu Ghorab

We will fly to Luxor where Karnak and Luxor temples have been waiting for our arrival, with the warmest welcome form Queen Hatshepsut and all the 62 Kings. We shall then cruise the Nile and explore many exciting sites along the banks, until our cruise ship stops in Aswan.

What is special about my tour?
We will have classes on Healing by a living descendant of Khemitian Wisdom Keeper, and learning how to read basic Hieroglyphic.
AND... there is one more thing that makes my tour even more unique.... (which I will tell you later). :-)


So, stay tuned for this Mystical Tour itinerary, cost, and program update.

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