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Day 5
Dendera & Abydos - Embarkation

Today, we'll visit the temple where images of curious flying objects are found. As well, there are rooms of exquisite frescos with gorgeous original colour telling a story of a revived spirituality from the 19th Dynasty. Here we'll see the infamous Kings List with 3 pharaohs erased. We’ll also visit the ancient and mysterious Osireion where several Flowers of Life are etched into the pillars. At Dendera, we will see the ceiling of the enormous First Hypostyle Hall that has been recently cleaned revealing curious star maps and strange half-animal, half-human beings. At the Temple to Hathor, there is an even more ancient temple below the ground. In the crypts, we’ll see odd ancient devices resembling light bulbs. Then it is time to head back to your comfortable cruise ship for dinner.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

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